SPLab - Multimedia Laboratory

Subjects studied here: Digital audio signal processing, Graphic and multimedia processors, Multimedia, Multimedia services, Advanced techniques of image processing, Introduction to computer typography and graphics
Person responsible: Ing. Miroslav Balík, Ph.D.
Area of study: Data-mining, Human-machine interaction, Non-orthogonal signal representation, Acoustic signal processing, Biomedical signal processing

The laboratory was established with support of FRVŠ projects No. 1188/2006, No. 946/2008 and No. 2724/2010 aimed at innovating the subject Digital Processing of Acoustic Signals.

The laboratory is equipped with 26 modern personal computers with powerful processors, a camera, an external sound card and headphones. The software equipment of these computers  includes a professional software for processing of audio signals SoundForge and many additional software plug-in modules for audio signal processing in real time. Besides the large computing power and high-quality software tools, the workstations are equipped with first-rate LCD monitors for demanding graphic work. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with modern audiovisual equipment used for educational presentations.

The benefit of this classroom for students in laboratory exercises is the possibility to work with a top computer technology under the guidance of experienced teachers. This lab can also be used for elaboration of final bachelor’s or master’s theses and solving of individual projects in the subject Digital Processing of Acoustic Signals.

Specific devices:
  • Sony Sound Forge – a professional software for recording and processing of audio recordings (link)
  • Audiffex Stomp’n FX – a package of software plug-in modules for audio signal processing in real time (link)

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