doc. Ing. Radim Burget, PhD.

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Ing. Radim Burget, Ph.D., received M.Sc. degree in 2006 (Faculty of information technologies, Brno University of Technology) and Ph.D. Degree in 2010 (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication). He is experienced with data-mining methods on image and sound signals. Some of his solutions were successfully deployed at Ministry of industry of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and several others significant customers. He is co-author of the IMMI image processing and mining extension, which is open-source tool for mining information from image data.

Field of interest

Data-mining from images

  • Automatic processing of biomedical data
  • Content understanding

Evolutionary algorithms

  • Evolutionary driven optimization using grammar
  • Automatic design of processes using grammar guided genetic programming

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