Regression tables generator tool


Ing. Zoltán Galáž, Ing. Jiří Mekyska, prof. Ing. Zdeněk Smékal, CSc.

Date of creation: 10. 8. 2017


It is possible to download software here.


If we do the data analysis (such as a regression analysis: linear, parametric/non-parametric, L1/L2 regularized, etc. regression) it is necessary to store the results of an analysis into an easy-to-read form: e.g. a table. The regression tables generator tool provides users with the possibility to easily store their analysis results into a variety of formats: HTML, XML, CSV. The tables then store information about the data, model, and the achieved precision.

The tool is programmed in the Python programming language (version 3.6). Thanks to its modularity, it can be easily extended to support other formats such as TeX or XLS. The package also contains a testing file, which generates a bunch of HTML tables using the jinja2 templating framework. The tool can be used in combination with other tools such as:


This work was supported by projects AZV 16-30805A and LO1401. The described research was performed in laboratories supported by the SIX project; the registration number CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0072, the operational program Research and Development for Innovation.


To negotiate the license terms of use of this software please contact the responsible person Ing. Lukas Novak at Technology Transfer Office, Brno University of Technology, Kounicova 966/67a, Veveří, 60200, Brno, Czech Republic,