DFM (GmbH)



About company

The DFM company focuses on the development and manufacturing of special custom hardware for digital audio broadcasting, high-quality audio interfaces for PCs and solutions for transmission using multi-channel audio signals via IEEE1394 Firewire. DFM belongs to companies that develop universal modules with digital audio interface Firewire called DICE.

Description of cooperation

The SPLab team participates in the cooperation between the DFM company and DISK Systems, Ltd. The SPLab team has developed and implemented special software for the supervision of radio transmission with central control over the Internet and with the integration of SNMP for monitoring broadcasts. The DFM Company has added a special audio interface for personal computers, and the DISK Systems has supplied the basic application for loading and recording audio data from this interface. The SPLab team has developed and completely implemented algorithms for quality monitoring and error detection in radio broadcasting, user interface, communication protocol, control application, and SNMP module.

Publications related to cooperation

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