Interest point detection

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Zukal, M.; Cika, P.; Burget, R.; Evaluation of interest point detectors for scenes with changing lightening conditions,”Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP), 2011 34th International Conference on”, IEEE

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This article describes how to use point of interest detectors with RapidMiner and IMMI (image mining extension for Rapidminer). Detection of point of interest can be important for many algorithms (image co-registration, scene correspondence, etc.). Using the Rapidminer you can easily examine many points of interest detection algorithms and find easily the best way.


RapidMiner Book

Among other things, the book will include two chapters about IMMI and image processing. It is assumed that the book will available on the market at the end of 2012. Interest points detection – this tutorial demonstrates how to use the predefined algorithm for interest point detection. There are implemented different types of Harris, Harris-Laplace, Hessian, KLT,  Fast, KitRos and median detectors in RapidMiner. A brief introduction how to set Rapidminer for interest point detection is provided by this tutorial. A brief introduction how to select points with Rapidminer is provided by this tutorial. [stream provider=video base=x:/ flv=points_of_interest.mp4 img=poi.png embed=false share=false width=640 height=457 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]