University of Stirling, COSIPRA LAB


About university

The COSIPRA LAB ( is a group dealing with processing of speech, cognitive and visual signals, intelligent systems and problems of data mining. The group consists mainly of research workers and PhD students at the Institute of Informatics and Mathematics, University of Stirling in Scotland. Dr. Amir Hussain is the head of this group. The COSIPRA LAB solves a number of interesting projects that are funded by various national and international sources, and cooperates with many international universities and institutions such as Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France), MIT (USA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) and Harvard Medical School (USA). The COSPIRA LAB also works with several companies such as Sitekit Ltd (Scotland), etc.

Examples of solved projects by the COSIPRA LAB group

“Novel Intelligent Clinical Decision Support Systems for Cardiovascular Preventative Care“ in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and MIT Media Lab (USA).

„Common Sense Computing (Statistical Signal Processing and Machine Learning) Techniques for Semantic Web Mining and Intelligent Web Applications“ in collaboration with MIT Media Lab (USA).

Description of cooperation

The collaboration is focused on intelligent multimodal systems for the recognition of emotional states of people from speech, text and physiological signals.

Publications related to cooperation

ATASSI, H.; RIVIELLO, M.; SMEKAL, Z.; HUSSAIN, A.; ESPOSITO, A.: Emotional Vocal Expressions Recognition using the COST 2102 Italian Database of Emotional Speech. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (IF 0,513), 2009, No 5967, pp. 1-14. ISSN 0302- 9743.

ATASSI, H.; HUSSAIN, A.; SMEKAL, Z: Find My Emotion in the Space: A Novel Approach to Vocal Emotion Recognition. In the 6th International Conference on Teleinformatics-ICT2011. Brno: 2011. pp. 230-235. ISBN 978-80-214-4231-3.