Non-orthogonal signal representation


  • Ing. Marie Magová

    Marie Mangová graduated from the master's degree program in Mathematical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Brno. Since 2014 she is pursuing doctoral studies at the Department of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering...
  • Ing. Michaela Novosadová

    Michaela Novosadová is a PhD student of the Teleinformatics doctoral study programme since 2014. She focuses on research methods of medical data processing, especially compressed sensing and image segmentation using sparse representation of signals.
  • Bc. Ondřej Mokrý

    Ondřej graduated from the bachelor’s programme Mathematical Engineering at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BUT in 2017. His bachelor thesis was focused on the problem of inpainting a segment of missing samples in an audio signal using sparse representations....
  • doc. Mgr. Pavel Rajmic, Ph.D.

  • Ing. Pavel Záviška

    Pavel Záviška graduated from the bachelor's degree program in Teleinformatics at the Department of Telecomunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at BUT in 2015. In 2016/2017 he graduated from the master's degree program in...
  • prof. Ing. Zdeněk Smékal, CSc.