E-paper communication library


Ing. Zoltán Galáž

Date of creation: 31. 7. 2017


E-paper devices are nowadays commonly used tools to visualize information such as a commercial or other type such as information about arrivals/departures for public transport. Due to its durable construction, low consumption of energy (power), and the possibility of communication over wifi/mobile-data, it is a preferable tool to be used in places in which other devices can hardly be utilized. E-paper communication library is a package, which provides users with an easy way to communicate with such devices (configuration, etc.) using API provided by the device manufacturer. This particular library is developed to communicate with devices produced by Visionect company (https://www.visionect.com/). It provides a wide range of possibilities such as device configuration, data transfer (e.g. pictures, etc.) and much more. The library is developed using Python programming language (version 2.7) and it uses standard WSGI interface.


This work was supported by projects TA04031666 and LO1401. The described research was performed in laboratories supported by the SIX project; the registration number CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0072, the operational program Research and Development for Innovation.


To negotiate the license terms of use of this software please contact the responsible person Ing. Lukas Novak at Technology Transfer Office, Brno University of Technology, Kounicova 966/67a, Veveří, 60200, Brno, Czech Republic, novak@ro.vutbr.cz.