TecnoCampus Mataró‐Maresme



About university

The Mataró-Maresme TecnoCampus integrates the CETEMMSA research center, several important technology companies and three universities: the technical Escola Universitaria Politécnica de Mataró (EUMPT), the economic Escola Universitaria del Maresme and the medical Escola Superior de Ciències de la Salut. The Signal Processing Research Group in the Escola Universitaria Politécnica de Mataró deals with biometrics (signature, face, and palm recognition), processing of medical and thermographic images, and the so-called voice imprint. This group collaborates with companies such as Telefonica, Airtel, Philips, Mossos d’Esquadra, and the Institute for International Research (IIR). On academic level it also collaborates with Universities such as KTH (Sweden), University of Paris (France), Lliure de Brussels (Belgium), University of Stirling and University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), University of Salerno (Italy), and University of Graz (Austria).

Description of cooperation

Our SPLab collaborates primarily with the Polytechnical University of Mataró (EUPMT). Both groups are involved in several projects: speaker recognition system, a database of faces in visible, infrared and thermo-graphic spectra; image processing in the thermo-graphic spectrum (segmentation, information analysis, auto-focus methods, detection of significant points, emotion analysis); handwriting analysis; gender recognition based on image processing of signals, etc.

Publications related to cooperation

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