Image de-identification tool


Ing. Jiří Přinosil, Ph.D.


It is possible to download software here.


This is an image-processing software, which automatically modifies the input video signal to prevent the reverse identification of persons presented in the scene. Used modification algorithm maintains the high quality of the input image with the option of partial reconstruction of the original biometric identifiers. Modified traits are: image of a face (primary biometric trait), hair color (soft biometric trait) and dress color(non-biometric trait). In case of the hair color or dress color modification non-complex image background is required.

Downloaded software is the console application (Windows platform).

Run with: deident.exe src dst flags
src… source filename
dst… destination filename
flags… list of modifications to be performed (FACE, HAIR, DRESS)

Face de-identification example

Hair color de-identification examples

Dress color de-identification examples


This work was supported by project COST IC1206. The described research was performed in laboratories supported by the SIX project; the registration number CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0072, the operational program Research and Development for Innovation.


To negotiate the license terms of use of this software please contact the responsible person Ing. Lukas Novak at Technology Transfer Office, Brno University of Technology, Kounicova 966/67a, Veveří, 60200, Brno, Czech Republic,