About company

The Audiffex company is a software company that specializes in the development of multimedia and sound effects and their host applications, applications for the recording and playback of audio files, and special solutions in the audio area. The Audiffex company is a part of DISK Multimedia Ltd. which offers audio-visual applications and equipment, works out complete solutions for professional recording, small recording and TV studios, theaters, institutions and schools, sports halls, etc.

Description of cooperation

Our collaboration involves joint development of digital audio effects, and specialized software and hardware for audio signal processing in real time. The SPLab focuses on the research and development of algorithms of digital audio effects, and other algorithms for digital audio signal processing and their real-time implementation in C++ environment in the form of plug-in modules for PC. The Audiffex company performs both final implementation of these plug-in modules for front-end users, and complete development of host applications for these modules. In recent years, this cooperation has extended to a musical effect system for the Surround sound systems. The SPLab team focuses on developing a specialized embedded hardware system for real-time processing of audio signals while the Audiffex team prepares modular software for this system, controlled remotely via the Internet.

Publications related to cooperation

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