Acoustic signal processing

About group

The group has achieved the greatest success in the design and implementation of digital sound effects, real-time signal processors and personal computers on Windows and MacOS. In this area there is an extensive cooperation with foreign companies. The lessons learned are now being used to develop algorithms and software for analyzing audio signals and acoustic fields in real time. The group is also developing a new method for suppressing musical noise in audio signals.

In cooperation with industry a hardware platform and software of a modular multi-channel digital sound system were created allowing the configuration, implementation and management of algorithms for digital processing of audio signals in real time via the Internet. This system is modified for use in embedded devices, and its own audio interface with high-quality sound parameters is currently being developed.

In the field of sound analysis, we focus on measuring and evaluating the noise of equipment and environment, identification of noise sources, visualization of sound fields, measurement of electroacoustic transducers, measurement of acoustic spaces, measuring audio and telecommunication equipment, etc. An anechoic chamber and a special laboratory with modified acoustic reverberation are available for these measurements.

Companies and universities we are cooperating with

Relation to the study subjects

  • Signals and systems analysis (BASS)
  • Electroacoustics (BELA)
  • Studioengineering (BSHE)
  • Digital filters (BCIF)
  • Digital signal processing (MCSI)
  • Computers and peripheral devices (MNAV)
  • Graphic and multimedia processors (MGMP)
  • Digital audio signal processing (MCAS)

Information for potential applicants

The group admits new members from among potential applicants and requires experience in computer modeling, working with Matlab or similar, at least a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming and programming in Windows, MacOS or Linux, a good knowledge of the theory of signals and systems, a basic knowledge in the field of acoustics and sound perception by humans. Cooperation is possible in the areas of processing audio signals in real time on personal computers, digital sound effects, and the analysis and synthesis of sound fields.

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