About company

The Rapid-I company offers software, problem solutions and services in the area of predictive analysis, data mining and text mining. The company focuses on intelligent automated analysis of large data corpuses, i.e. for a large amount of structured data such as databases and unstructured data such as texts. The Rapid-I company offers enterprises the free use of open-source data mining programs that enable a more efficient use of cutting-edge technologies for data mining and trading. Obtaining of new information from existing data allows more efficient decision-making and optimizing of the processes under investigation.

Description of cooperation

The cooperation is in the design of new algorithms and programs that extend the capabilities of the programming environment of RapidMiner to cover image processing and image data mining.

Publications related to cooperation

BURGET, R., KARÁSEK, J., SMÉKAL, Z., UHER V., DOSTÁL, O.: RapidMiner Image Processing Extension: A Platform for Collaborative Research, International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing-TSP2010, Baden Austria 2010.