Biomedical signal processing

About group

The research direction of the group could be characterized as finding new methods for an analysis of temporally and spatially varying parameters of the human body represented by multidimensional and biophysical signals for the purpose of a precise determination of physiological parameters or models describing the state of human organ systems. The main objective is the research of new methods of analysis of one-dimensional and multidimensional signals such as ECG (electrocardiogram), PPG (photopletyzmogram), UTZ (sonogram), and possibly other records of modern diagnostic techniques (e.g., non-invasive, continuous measurement of blood pressure, computed tomography , magnetic resonance imaging).

The group is currently focusing on the processing of ultrasound images and image sequences. The issue is examined very comprehensively, from the possibility of reading the image data (the workstation is equipped with a modern ultrasound station) via preprocessing (including noise reduction, stabilization of the global motion, etc.) to the actual segmentation, localization and measurement of objects in the image. The department cooperates closely with the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University, in which joint projects solve problems of determining the parameters of the cardiovascular system of the person being examined, by analyzing ultrasound and other data.

Other areas of interest include the tasks of computer vision and computer graphics related to the extraction of 3D information from image data and their visualization, which has recently become a vigorously developing technology that also covers the processing and visualization of medical data.

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Relation to the study subjects

  • Signals and systems analysis (BASS)
  • Digital signal processing (BCZS)
  • Advanced techniques of image processing (MPZO)
  • Theoretical informatics (MTIN)
  • Speech processing (MZPR)

Information for potential applicants

The group admits new members who are interested in processing one-dimensional or multidimensional signals and want to invest their knowledge and skills in research and development of new methods and applications.

Important publications

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