Information for companies

The cooperation in the field of fundamental, applied and industrial research and development is possible within the framework of operational and business support programs, such as the programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (link), programs of competence centres of the Technology Agency of Czech Republic (link), and the other programs, in which we have long experience and a high success rate in obtaining them. We also have experience in solving several international COST projects (link) and bilateral cooperation projects. We would also like to collaborate in international FP7 Framework projects (link).

Cooperation is also possible on the basis of a commercial agreement between the Brno University of Technology and your company, either in the form of a contract for doing a specific job (this is convenient with small contracts, such as measurement and evaluation of data), which is invoiced after finishing the job, or in the form of framework agreements (recommended for long-term cooperation), which is invoiced after accepting the results of intermediate stages. If you are interested in this cooperation, please contact the research group leader in the first place, who will discuss with you the possibilities and areas of cooperation, and consequently arrange for a meeting with the head of the department, with whom the appropriate form and financial framework of cooperation will be discussed (e.g. a commercial agreement or an application for a joint project funded from the government budget). Moreover, he will also ensure the preparation of necessary documents.