TC Electronic


About company

The TC Electronic company is an international company with headquarters in Denmark, which develops and manufactures hardware and software for musicians, and technologies for recording studios, sound from computer audio interface via processors to technology for mastering and digital audio broadcasting. The TC Electronic development team is also active in preparing international standards for digital audio broadcasting.

Description of cooperation

The SPLab team participates in the cooperation between the TC Electronic and the Audiffex companies (DISK Multimedia Ltd.). The SPLab team has developed and optimized algorithms for digital processing of audio signals on digital signal processors of the TC Powercore system, and implemented a basic form of plug-in modules. The Audiffex team has developed plug-in modules for front-end customers. Due to the development of the TC Powercore system being terminated, further collaboration is oriented towards research and development of digital simulation of TC Electronic analog effects by plug-in modules for PC processing in real time.

Publications related to cooperation

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