CIBERehd Group


About university

The Pere Clave research group in Mataró hospital deals mainly with digital analysis of the digestive tract, intestinal and anorectal motility,motility of esophagus and colon. Members of the group are: Claudia Arenas Bailon, Laius Salsench Rofes, Diana Perez Gallego and Lorena Gonzalez Sanchez. The group collaborates onprojects together with other Spanish groups led, for example, by Xavier Calvo (Corporaciò Sanitaria Parc Taulín,Sabadell), by Luis Bujandanou (Hospital de Donostia, Vizcaya), or by Javier Perez-Gisbert(Hospital de la Princesa, Madrid).

Description of cooperation

We collaborate with this group on the automatic diagnosis of digestive system diseases and on processing of various medical images.