Study subjects

Graphic and multimedia processors

Laboratory: SPLab
Garant: doc. Mgr. Pavel Rajmic, Ph.D.
Area of study: Human-machine interaction, Biomedical signal processing
Level and semester: Master's studies, 3rd semester


To inform the students about hardware support and implementation of graphical and multimedia operations utilizing OpenGL and DirectX languages. Multimedia processing via modern Intel software technologies.

Learning outcomes and competences

Students will get knowledge of computer graphics and will can implement and programming graphical and multimedia operations in OpenGL.


Colour models. Organization of video memory. Principles of 2D/3D graphics. Algorithms for computer graphics and computational complexity. Texture mapping and compression, pixel interpolation. Quantization. Predictive coding. Cosine and wavelet transform. Motion compensation and hybrid coding. Subband coding and vector quantization. Huffman coding. Run length coding. LZ77, 78. Standards for image, video and audio transmission – JPEG, ITU-T H.261, MPEG-1, 2, 4. Multimedia processors – VLIW, Mpact, CyberPro. Multimedia extensions of instruction set x86 – MMX, SIMD. Parallelization of geometry engine. Multiprocessor raster architectures – image and object parallelization.

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