Study subjects

Multimedia services

Laboratory: SPLab
Garant: Ing. Petr Číka, Ph.D.
Area of study: Data-mining, Human-machine interaction, Acoustic signal processing
Level and semester: Bachelor's studies, 5th semester


The objective of this subject is to provide practical skills and fundamental theoretical knowledge about multimedia communication services operating in computer and telephony networks.

Learning outcomes and competences

Students will be able to design and operate multimedia communication services, to measure multimedia transport parameters in computer and telephony networks.


The course Multimedia Services is divided into three parts. The first part is focused on the network technologies and multimedia data transmission over Internet network. Concretely, the routing in IP networks, the muticast technology and quality of services will be introduced. The application layer protocols of TCP/IP model that are used for multimedia data distribution and control will have the special attention. The detail description of today’s videoconferencing and voice over IP technologies are introduced in the second part of the course. The teaching is focused on H.323 and SIP standards. The last part of the course is about compression algorithms for image, video and audio data. Mainly, the JPEG, H.26x, MPEG-x and G.7xx compression standards will be described.

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