Study subjects


Laboratory: SPLab
Garant: Ing. Petr Číka, Ph.D.
Area of study: Data-mining, Human-machine interaction, Biomedical signal processing
Level and semester: Master's studies, 2nd semester


Acquiring solid theoretical knowledge in the field of advanced multimedia signal processing in heterogeneous network environments.

Learning outcomes and competences

The students will acquire the knowledge of advanced methods of multimedia digital signal processing and methods of their delivery in heterogenous network environments.


Methods used in image and video compression standards, Lossless compression (Huffman, arithmetic, dictionary), DPCM in image compression, advanced techniques for motion estimation in video data, DCT and DWT transformation in image compression, quantization, basic methods for image filtration, methods used in MPEG-4 and H.264 AVC standards, searching in multimedia data (MPEG-7 standard), protocols used for transmission and signalization of multimedia data, digital image watermarking, digital video broadcasting DVB, MHP platform for interactive services in MHP, IPTV.

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