Study subjects

Digital audio signal processing

Laboratory: SPLab
Garant: Ing. Miroslav Balík, Ph.D.
Area of study: Acoustic signal processing
Level and semester: Master's studies, 3rd semester


To provide students with information about essential methods and procedures in the area of digital audio signal processing. Considerable attention is devoted to the present trends in the area of both musical and speech signals.

Learning outcomes and competences

Students get a detailed overview about digital signal processing of musical and speech signals. They wil be able to design algorithms for acoustic signal processing, which are directly designed for CPU of computer system or for signal processor. They get accustomed to working in the mixing or mastering digital musical studio.


Parameters and information content of acoustic signals. Human sound reception. Digitizing of acoustic signals. Digital recording formats and media. Psychoacoustic compression algorithms. Sound and PC, sound cards. Methods of musical signal synthesis. Musical effects and their realization with digital signal processing methods. Parameters of musical and speech signals, speech signal analysis and synthesis. Noise reduction methods for acoustic signals.

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