Study subjects

Introduction to computer typography and graphics

Laboratory: SPLab
Garant: doc. Mgr. Pavel Rajmic, Ph.D.
Area of study: Data-mining, Non-orthogonal signal representation, Biomedical signal processing
Level and semester: Bachelor's studies, 5th semester


To provide overview of basics principles of plane (2D) computer graphics and image processing. To acquaint with the raster based software Photoshop as a representant of the computer graphics editors. To learn basic operations in a document preparation process. To acquaint with typography basics, with specifics of czech documents and with mathematical and technical materials. To learn to typeset a basic technical document in LaTeX system.

Learning outcomes and competences
  • Student acquaints with the basic principles of plane (2D) computer graphics and image processing.
  • He/she learns the fundamental linear and non-linear image processing methods for publishing purposes.
  • He/she learns the optimal way of image data reduction from the point of view of print economy and data amount.
  • He/she understands modern technologies of image compression and learns to utilize them.
  • He/she learns the basics of typography.
  • He/she learns basics of the Photopshop editor and the LaTeX typesetting software.

The course is devoted to the overview of fundamental principles, algorithms of computer graphics and the techniques of documents typesetting (preparation and production of presentation materials in general, basic qualification for work in a graphical studio or DTP, typesetting of the diploma thesis). In the area of practical graphics/image processing the students acquaint with the computer graphic editor Photoshop, in the area of document typesetting is the course aimed at the LaTeX system and also Adobe InDesign.

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