Subjects studied here: Electroacoustics, Studioengineering
Person responsible: Ing. Jiří Schimmel, Ph.D.
Area of study: Human-machine interaction, Acoustic signal processing

The laboratory is equipped with six computer workstations with professional external sound cards, high-quality semi-closed headphones, MIDI keyboards, the software Steinberg Cubase, Wavelab, Ableton Live, Native Instrument Reaktor, Audiffex, a number of effect modules, software synthesizers, and the measuring and simulation programs EASERA and SLab. Tasks focused on working with studio technology and music electronics, methods of synthesis and processing of audio signals etc. take place in these workstations. A specialized digital audio workstation (DAW), equipped with professional sound cards (Digidesign Digi 002 Rack, Echo Mona, MOTU Traveller), listening monitors (Event TR8), the professional software Cubase, Wavelab and ProTools and Mackie Control and Contour Shuttle controllers, is also available in the laboratory. The laboratory is designed for specialized electroacoustic measurement and recording. The laboratory equipment includes several analog mixers, e.g. a Phonic Impact 28-channel mixer, a Yamaha O1V digital mixer, several analog and digital effect processors (Digitech, TLa), hard-disk recorders (AKAI DPS, Tascam 2488neo), digital recorders (Fostex FR2-LE, Tascam HD-P2), an AKAI Z4 sampler, several synthesizers and sound modules (Yamaha, Novation, Roland), a series of MIDI controllers and keyboards (Roland, BitStream, M-Audio), condenser and dynamic microphones for recording vocals and musical instruments etc. These devices are used in laboratory tasks and many of them also in the research and development of digital audio processing systems. Two light heads are available for laboratory tasks involved in the management of lighting technology.
The laboratory also has a reflection-free double-jacketed chamber for measuring of electroacoustic equipment, acquisition of reference signals, making records for multimedia presentations, etc. The chamber includes a turntable for measuring of directional characteristics and a positioning robot for scanning of acoustic fields. A number of high-quality measuring microphones, a Head and Torso Simulator from Bruel&Kjaer, manual audio analyzers and generators from NTi Audio (XL2, MR-Pro, Acoustilizer), the NTI RT-2M system for automated electroacoustic measurement, an omnidirectional sound source for acoustic measurement of confined spaces, an APx-525 audio analyzer and a number of oscilloscopes, generators and multimetres are available. This equipment allows to perform almost any acoustic or electroacoustic measurement and measurement of audio equipment parameters.
This laboratory can also be used for elaboration of bachelor’s or master’s theses and individual projects. The laboratory has been used for solving of MPO and GAČR projects and contract orders for companies (Mesit, Honeywell). Upon agreement with the Laboratory Manager, students can use the laboratory in their free time for recording and measuring of electroacoustic and audio devices etc.

Specific devices
  • A Head and Torso Simulator with microphones installed at the entrance to the external ear canal; it is used for the measurement of earphones, acoustic properties of spaces, sound quality, headsets, handsets, mobile phones etc. (link)
  • NTI Audio XL2 – a professional manual audio and acoustic analyzer for measurement of noise, parameters of sound installations, room acoustics etc. (link)
  • Audio Precision APX525 – a professional audio analyzer for measurement of parameters of low-frequency analog and digital devices (link)
  • NTi Audio Rapid Test RT-2M – a professional measuring system for automated measurement of parameters of electroacoustic transducers, loudspeaker systems and analog audio devices. (link)

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